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Previously known as ParaCableMods we have rebranded and have updates to share!

New Name & Updates
Check out our post which shares some updates we have introduced to our cables and store!
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3D Printed Stress Reliefs
We now have an option to add printed stress reliefs to your custom mouse cables!
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Now In Stock
We are now an official retailer of Lethal Gaming Gear Mousepads!
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Available Now
Superglides are now in stock for select models
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Solid Color Cables

Pattern Cables

Mouse Skates


Micro Switches

Mouse Grip

About Paracord

Lightweight & flexible

Most mice have a braided or rubber coating with internal wire insulation, which results in less flexibility when moving your mouse. Our mouse paracord cables have four AWG 32 20 strand 0.04m PVC internal cables and no insulation, this allows the lightweight paracord cable to move fluidly without any restrictions whilst gaming giving you the feeling you are using a wireless mouse. Paracord mouse cables also look nicer too.

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