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BLITZ – Mousepad


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BLITZ – Mousepad


A unique control pad in the upper-middle range of the speed scale. It offers excellent control with simultaneously enhanced micro-control feel. The pad structure provides clear feedback to the user and feels smooth on the skin and under the mouse, similar to an Artisan Zero Mid but without the same high roughness. It is also finely structured and feels closed, making it much more comfortable than an Artisan Zero, both for extended gaming sessions and for cleaning. The surface consists of an extremely complex super-fine pattern-like weaving. One could say that an Artisan Zero and a Walhaut were crossed, and the best of both worlds was packed into one pad without using the typical Jacquard pattern/procedure. The pad is durable, of extremely high quality, unique in fabric weaving, and extremely precise with any sensor. It is tuned for micro-movements in conjunction with an absolutely superb flick and tracking feel. An absolute all-round pad that never turns into a “mudpad.”


The new Blitz features an even finer and lower edge seam than Rizz and Pelz. Our goal was to further reduce friction for the arm and mousepad, as the height differences from pad to edge seam in the 3.5 mm versions of Rizz and Pelz were only 0.1 and 0.2 mm. Here, we have improved and continued to develop to create an even better gaming experience. The used thread and the remaining edge treatments, however, remain unchanged, as the low thread solution and the absence of glue in the edge seam have produced a very good and soft feeling on the arm.


The Blitz comes with the same IPU base as the Rizz and Pelz. Only the height of the ExtraSoft had to be changed to 4 mm for the Blitz, as the surface structure of the pad relies on and benefits from the surface tension generated by the weaving. This “static surface tension” not only results in a flat pad feel but also prevents the very complex pad weaving and structure from becoming too abrasive for the skin. Thus, no sleeve is needed for playing. The pad can be used with any type of skate and is suitable for any sensor.


Fabric Information:

Fine, durable, complex fabric with low initial resistance and a controllable friction resistance. The X-axis is slightly faster than the Y-axis, providing the pad with good responsiveness and a broad range of applications for games like CS2 and MW3. We’ve ensured that no unbalanced mouse feel is created, allowing movements to be as natural and responsive as possible for the player. Furthermore, our next-level IPU results in good resistance to humidity and sweat, which can be crucial during longer or more intense gaming sessions or competitions, leading to potential significant changes in pad characteristics. As always, our focus has been on the professional use of the pad, especially under challenging conditions. Additionally, pad wear is minimal due to the “harder” yet non-brittle thread used. The processing of the thread used for weaving the fabric adheres to the latest standards and is of very high quality.


Pad Base Characteristics:

– ExtraSoft (slightly softer): provides a very good control feel.
– Mid (medium-soft): offers better glide feel/speed.



– 500×417 mm

Length and width tolerance: ±5 mm, thickness tolerance: ±0.5 mm.