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Cerulean Blue & Black Helix


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Stress Relief option notes

  • If your mouse is NOT listed in the “Stress Relief ” menu or you do NOT wish to have a printed stress relief included on your cable, then please select the “Default – 3 pcs of heatshrink” option.
  • Please select the “Micro USB/ USB-C – 1 pcs of heatshrink” option if your mouse uses a Micro USB or USB-C connector.
  • The Stress relief colour option will determine the colour of the stress relief itself, this will also determine the colour of the heatshrink if you choose the “Default – 3 pcs of heatshrink” or “Micro USB/ USB-C – 1 pcs of heatshrink

What you will get

  • Paracord 550 cable (your colour/length choice)
  • Four AWG 32 20 strand 0.04m PVC inner wires
  • Highly flexible and lightweight cable (No shielding or plastic coating for increased flexibility)
  • Standard JST PH 2.0 connector & wiring for your mouse model
  • Compatible with both USB 2.0/3.0
  • Black or transparent USB housing (depending on your choice)
  • 3 Pcs of heat shrink or 3D Printed stress relief (To secure the cable in place and for stress relief on the cable)

Lightweight & Flexible

Most mice have a braided or rubber coating with internal wire insulation, which results in less flexibility when moving your mouse. Our mouse paracord cables have four AWG 32 20 strand 0.04m PVC internal cables and no insulation, this allows the lightweight paracord cable to move fluidly without any restrictions whilst gaming giving you the feeling you are using a wireless mouse. Paracord mouse cables also look nicer too.

Razer Viper Custom Mouse Paracord

Examples how the printed stress reliefs look and fit: