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Laonda GLAZE Mousepad


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Laonda GLAZE Mousepad


The right skates?

Control -> Vanilla soft ice cream

Speed ​​-> godspeed>ruby>rose>bluewonder>extended white>extended gray>soft ice cream vanilla

Immerse yourself in the world of gaming with our thermally toughened glass mouse pad in a unique Ramen Shop design. This exceptional mouse pad not only offers an immersive visual experience, but also premium and previously unheard of features that take your gaming experience to the next level.


Excellent Gaming Surface : Our mouse pad features a non-coated gaming surface that allows for smooth and precise mouse movement. The pad’s unique finish ensures that your skin never sticks to it, ensuring a smooth and comfortable gaming experience without a gaming sleeve.


Gentle edge transitions : The edges of our mouse pad are designed to be particularly gentle to ensure that your wrist and hand can rest comfortably during long gaming sessions. No more unpleasant pressure points!


Exquisite R5.4 Radius Corners : The corners of the mouse pad are designed with a perfect R5.4 radius to provide an elegant and modern appearance. This gives the mouse pad a high-quality look and feel.


Versatile Uses : Compared to other mouse pads on the market, our glass mouse pad can be described as a control pad, meaning it is perfect for gamers who value precision and control in their games. However, it is suitable not only for gamers, but also for daily use, office work and graphic design.


Unique Ramen Shop Design : Our mouse pad is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. With beautiful pixel graphics in Ramen Shop theme, you can design your gaming corner in style and stand out from the crowd.

The mouse pad has the generous dimensions of 600mm x 500mm x 3.3mm to give you enough space for your mouse movements. With this mouse pad you are ready for an intense gaming experience or a productive work session.

Experience outstanding quality and design in one product. Our thermally toughened glass mouse pad will exceed your expectations and enhance your workspace or gaming setup.



  • Product Dimensions: M-  500 x 417 x 3.3mm