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RIZZ X NACHOCUSTOMZ – Doodles – Mousepad


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RIZZ X NACHOCUSTOMZ – Doodles – Mousepad


LaOnda RIZZ x NACHOCUSTOMZ Doodles Mousepad

Edge Stitching

Is the exceptional pad at a world-class level, designed for all games. It’s an ultra-fine microfiber control pad with an edge stitching that lies below the surface of the pad itself.


We use a specially PU base for the underside of which adheres very well to any tabletop surface in the 3.5mm and 4.5mm thickness versions.

Needless to say, we chose this surface and PU combination to provide an outstanding gaming experience at a pro level for our customers worldwide.

This pad is used by S-tier icons in the tactical shooter field.


This uncoated pro-performance surface is designed for tactical shooter games with maximum control, which will also lead to outstanding performance in games like Valorant and CS. Our goal was to design a surface with a smooth feel and medium staticfriction that provides an extreme stopping point without generating a spongy/muddy feeling or excessive high staticfriction. We’ve managed to create an unprecedented sensation that combines a similarly linear and smoothly textured surface while simultaneously creating an extreme stopping point without losing the ability for precise micro-control movements from the mouse’s resting state. And all of this without generating an initial “sticky” mouse movement feeling on micro movements. The surface provides good feedback to the mouse and hand when using PTFE, glass, or sapphire mouse skates, making it suitable for any type of mouse skates and skate size. Overall, it’s a premium exceptional control pad for daily use in the home office and in matchmaking.

The pad has been tested with various arm sleeves, including very resistant and coarse variants, and has not led to an increase in surface friction against the sleeves or a higher degree of wear on the pad or sleeve. Due to the high pressure on the sub-level edge seam in the 4.5mm thick versions, there may be cases where the edge seam comes loose. This has been observed extremely rarely so far, and while we do not rule it out, it is not a production defect. Due to the special characteristics and the desire for edges that users cannot feel but still match the pad excellently, there is currently no better way to process the edge seam. At La Onda Team, we are always up to date with surfaces, base materials, and edge seams in the mousepad segment, remaining transparent regarding the strengths and weaknesses of individual products.


PELZ and RIZZ can be cleaned under warm water without using cleaning agents. The material is not suitable for hot water.

Lint rollers can be used to clean the surface, but not the PU.

For more stubborn dirt, we will soon introduce a bio-based cleaning agent (and yes, it will make BELUGA white again ????).


– MICROFIBER pad with smooth surface, increased staticfriction, and extreme stopping point
– Soft custom PU base
– Sub surface edge stitching
– Options in 3.5mm and 4.5mm
– Black and White
– 490mm x 417mm

To avoid misunderstandings, we want to clarify that the sold pad is not made of PORON! It is NOT marketed or referred to as a PORON pad by us or any third parties. The PU used is referred to by many brands and manufacturers as PORON, but it is NOT the PORON produced by Rogers Corp.