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Corepad PXP Grips Logitech G PRO Wireless


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Corepad PXP Grips Logitech G PRO Wireless


Are you once again frustrated about losing control of your mouse in the most crucial moment of the game? Every gamer knows this situation, right?

Don’t worry, Corepad PXP Grips are the solution for you. Gain the crucial advantage and feel the difference with the perfect connection between hand and mouse. Finally, no more slipping finally the perfect grip finally have absolute control over your mouse and therefore also in the game!


  • High-quality, soft polymer-rubber material
  • Absorbs hand sweat for perfect grip
  • Ergonomically thin
  • Can be removed without leaving any residue
  • Simple to clean with an isopropanol-alcohol wipe
  • Corepad  PXP Grips always contain a double set for the side buttons
  • High Quality 3M Tape
  • Thickness: 0.5mm