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Infinity Hump ProV2


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Infinity Hump ProV2


This Item ships in a few weeks into March.


Shape is King. Why settle for a shape that you don’t aim well with? That is why InfinityMice has designed and developed the Infinity Hump. This replaces the current back shell of the Starlight 12 for a hump designed for claw grippers.

The brand new Pro line has been forged from magnesium to bring the original starlight feel back to the mouse.




  • Black Metallic Coating | Starlight Pro (Tenz) | Starlight Pro (Last Legend)
  • Claw Oriented Shape
  • Magnesium Alloy
  • 4g-5g (.5-1g Stock Difference)
  • Thickness: 0.7mm
  • Included LIMITED EDITION Collectors Card Edition #2



  • Starlight 12 FM


Important Information:

Although this does NOT void Final Mouse warranty, we are not liable for any damage done to your mouse by improper installation techniques. Please refer to the installation guide to ensure proper installation. It is very simple and easy as long as the proper steps are taken. Due to differences between Starlight tolerances the product may fit different on every model.



REQUIRES a T5 screwdriver