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InfinityMice The Duel Mousepad
InfinityMice The Duel



In stock

InfinityMice The Duel


In stock

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InfinityMice The Duel – Size: (490 X 490 X 3.5mm)


The Duel, a top-end performance mouse pad meant for all games. A super smooth, control pad with below-surface edge stitching to prevent abrasion and accidental run-overs during gameplay. With a size of 490x490mm, it is the perfect size for low sensitivities while being manageable on most desks. The only pad currently on the market that uses a base with Poron like properties and a graphic design, previously thought to be impossible



  • Super smooth surface that focuses on a medium control glide speed with great stopping power
  • Control / Medium
  • Soft PU Poron like base
  • Low profile stitched edges
  • Thickness: 3.5mm
  • Includes LIMITED EDITION Collectors card edition #2


Size XL SQ: 490 x 490 x 3.5mm



  • Art by MikeyComix