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LethalGamingGear – LA-1 – 4K Dongle

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LethalGamingGear – LA-1 – 4K Dongle


Compatible with the LA-1
Please use this dongle with the included cable ONLY!


Enables 4000Hz on the LA-1 wireless gaming mouse.

Esports Mode is also able to be enabled in conjunction with 4000Hz, however, Esports Mode disables all power saving features, including sleep mode. With both options enabled, battery drain will be significant. It is recommended to charge your mouse every night or every other night with both enabled.


Pairing Instructions

  1. Unplug 1k dongle from your PC so it is not connected in any way.
  2. On the LA-1 mouse, press and hold M1, M2, and M3 (Lefty Click, Right Click, and Scroll Wheel Click) until the scroll wheel light starts blinking green. The mouse is now in pairing mode.
  3. Plug in the 4k dongle using the included cable only.
  4. The 4k dongle indicator light should now light up signifying a successful sync.
  5. The color of the light on the 4k dongle signifies battery level:
    Green: High battery level
    Blue: Medium-high battery level
    Yellow: Medium-low battery level
    Red: Low battery level