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Padsmith – Striker Series – The Empress – Speed Glass Mousepad


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Padsmith – Striker Series – The Empress – Speed Glass Mousepad



“The Empress: Speed” represents a distinct color scheme crafted by our lead artist at Padsmith, Conrady. This design, unique in its conception, might see a comeback in the future but with a twist in its color variations. Our aim is to cater to the extensive diversity of computer setups worldwide by offering an array of design options.




  • Speed Glass Mousepad: Crafted to provide enhanced stopping power for precise control when it’s needed most
  • Multi-Layered Micro-Textured Glass Surface: Ensures smooth mouse movement and improved tracking
  • Superior Anti-Slip Silicone Base: Offers stability and prevents unwanted movement during intense gameplay
  • Limited Edition Colorway by Conrady: Showcases a unique and stylish design, adding personality to your desk setup
  • Exceptional Durability: Built for longevity, providing consistent performance over extended use



  • Product Dimensions: XL 490 x 420 x 4mm