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Pulsar ES eSports Arm Sleeve – Finger Long


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Pulsar ES eSports Arm Sleeve – Finger Long


Introducing ES Gaming Arm Sleeve, designed for eSports professionals and enthusiasts. It offers a comfortable fit with cooling fabric, excellent elasticity to reduce fatigue, and a high-strength band for enhanced focus. The seamless design provides durability and a soft feel while reducing friction on the table or mouse pad. It prevents sweat and impurities, absorbs sweat, and dries quickly, creating a pleasant and cool gaming environment. Elevate your gaming performance with the ultimate arm sleeve for comfort, performance, and durability.


Best with Glass Mousepad

Designed for use with glass mouse pads, our arm sleeve minimizes friction between your arm and the table or mouse pad. This promotes consistent aiming ability and swift responses.

*Please note that certain fabric surfaces may yield a slower experience.



  • Provides a comfortable fit for professionals with a thin, cooling fabric material.
  • Offers excellent elasticity to reduce fatigue during extended wear.
  • Features a high-strength premium band to prevent slipping during use, allowing for enhanced focus on gameplay.
  • Seamlessly finished with a seamless design, providing a soft and durable wearing experience.
  • Reduces friction between the arm and the table or mouse pad, supporting consistent aiming ability and quick responses.
  • Prevents mouse pad contamination from sweat and impurities.
  • Absorbs sweat and dries quickly, supporting a pleasant and cool gaming environment.



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