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Wraith Hoverpad V2 Endgame XM1/XM1R


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Wraith Hoverpad V2 Endgame XM1/XM1R


Super fast mouse skatez with curved edges made of 100% PTFE.

Thickness: 0.9mm


Attention: This model does not include a sensor skatez in the package.


What do we think about this model?

The stock skates of Endgame XM1 are not bad at all, they are white and slippery. However, most of our customers prefer our Hoverpads instead of stock skates because they do not like the slippery feeling of the XM1.

Slick =/= Fast

Although Hoverpad is also a slippery skatez, it also does not forget to be fast. We and many people (including YouTuber Swarcow) prefer Hoverpad.