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EspTiger QingSui 3 Pro | Large Gaming Mousepad


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EspTiger QingSui 3 Pro | Large Gaming Mousepad – Size: (480mm x 400mm 6mm)


QingSui 3 PRO is a mousepad that is designed to meet users’ high control demands. It features a double-layer flat woven fiber fabric and a 6mm thick ER bottom material. The low frictional force provides a high starting speed, and the micro-textured surface enhances aiming and confirmation for users.

QingSui 3 Pro is built with a 6mm delicate edge sealing, which ensures fine edge stitching and edge wrapping. Compared to the surface of a regular mouse pad, it is more sunken. It is suitable for both arm gliding and wrist gliding players.

QingSui 3 Pro uses a 6mm ER cross pattern non-slip bottom rubber, providing excellent slip resistance and elasticity. It offers a soft sinking cushion, giving you better comfort and stable slip resistance during competitive gaming.


Product Specifications:

Base Material: ER Non Slip Base
Thickness: 6mm
Size: 480mm*400mm