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Padsmith – Crucible – Temple of Dreams V2


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Padsmith – Crucible – Temple of Dreams V2


“Temple of Dreams V2” represents a distinct color scheme crafted by our lead artist at Padsmith, Conrady. This design, unique in its conception, might see a comeback in the future. This surface is unique in its craft, offering a speedy experience while keeping some control within micro adjustments.



Speed Cloth Mousepad: Crafted to provide low dynamic friction which actively increases the speed of the mousepads, while still offering enough stopping power for accurate movements.


Top of the line stitching for ultimate comfort


Closed Cell PU Base. With a MID softness, and custom branding on the bottom of the base.


Design by Conrady: Showcases a unique and stylish design, adding personality to your desk setup




XL (490 x 420 x 3.5mm) (MID PU)

XXL (1000 x 500 x 3.5mm) (Rubber)