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Cerapad KIN – Control Focused Gaming Mouse Pad – OPEN BOX


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*Open box products are items that have been returned, they will come in the original box with all of the items included. The product will be inspected prior to repacking, as such the price is discounted.


Cerapad KIN – Control Focused Gaming Mouse Pad


After countless hours of research & trial and error, TJ Exclusives is very excited to introduce the Cerapad KIN, a first of its kind. This all-new surface provides 40% more control than our original Cerapad, while being 50% less sticky on skin. Experience exceptional tracking thanks to the micro ceramic embedded in the surface. KIN is the world’s first control-focused gaming hard pad, a game changer for many FPS players who were seeking added steadiness and precision.


  • Incredibly accurate tracking
  • Control-focused, ideal for tactical shooters
  • Rubber feet to keep the pad solidly planted
  • Non-wearing ceramic mouse surface never needs replacing
  • Super tough
  • Tempered-glass core
  • Hand made in the USA


FAQ from TJExclusives:

How do you recommend I clean my Cerapad?

– We recommend using some form of window cleaner and a cloth or paper towel.


How long does it take to break in the Cerapad?

-It will take a minimum of 5 hours gameplay to break in.


What are the small grey spots on my Cerapad?

-As the Cerapad is a handmade product small greyish circles can appear from very small inconsistencies in the ceramic. They will not affect performance, and they are not considered a defect.