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Pulsar ES2 eSports Mouse Pad XL [Aim Trainer Pack]


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Pulsar ES2 eSports Mouse Pad XL [Aim Trainer Pack] – Size: (490 X 420 X 3 mm)


Designed for competitive level eSports. The ultra-precision woven hybrid surface provides very even glide and friction. The newly developed alpha cell base material provides good stopping power and cushioning. Edge stitching is extremely minimized but extreme durable. Comes in various size and thickness for your needs. The eS-2 mousepad gives you initial friction, medium glide speed with very good stopping power. 3mm thickness provides soft to medium cushion and bounce back feeling.


  • Alpha-Cell Base Material
  • XL Size
  • Uniformly woven fine poly hybrid surface

Measure Cm/360° Sensitivity for Optimal Performance

Experience the ultimate precision in gaming with the ES2 Aim Trainer Mousepad. Its printed graphics and line markings allow you to measure your Cm/360° sensitivity without the need for rulers.


What is Cm/360° sensitivity?

Cm/360° sensitivity measures how far a computer mouse or gaming controller needs to move horizontally to complete a full 360-degree rotation in FPS games. The setting can be adjusted to match your play style and preferences, with a lower sensitivity resulting in slower movements and a higher sensitivity resulting in faster movements. Ultimately, the choice depends on the player’s preference.



Size XL SQ: 490 x 420 x 3mm